ST. LOUIS – A Mehlville School District teacher is now a Jeopardy! Champion!

Mrs. Emily Fiasco, an assistant band director at Buerkle Middle Bobcats and Washington Middle School Mehlville, won Wednesday’s episode when she wagered it all on the Final Jeopardy question.

The school district took to social media to congratulate her. Fiasco is also a member of the 2007 Mehlville High School graduating class.

The first round’s categories were Quoting the King James Bible, Making Money, Reel Estate, Welsh Folk, Shores, and Horses Anagrammed. At the end of the round Fiasco was behind the two-day winner Steve Clarke. He led with $10,400 and Fiasco had $3,600.

The second round’s categories were Presidential Globetrotting, Plays & Playwriting, Antarctica, Hodgepodge, TV Comedy, and Word ‘L.’ At the end of the second round, Clarke was still leading with $17,700 and Fiasco had $14,000.

In Final Jeopardy, Clarke wagered $10,301 but incorrectly answered the final question. Fiasco’s answer was correct and won by wagering $28,000.

In the Final Jeopardy round, Steve wagered $10,301 and lost it by incorrectly answering the final question. Jin-Soo’s total from the second round meant that he couldn’t participate in the final round. Emily was the only player who delivered the correct answer and won her wagering amount of $28,000. Her total surpassed Steve’s score.

The category of the final question was State Mottos. The clue was: “This motto is the name of a city in that state & is a famous quote by an ancient Greek from the 3rd century B.C.” The correct answer was Eureka.

Fiasco will compete in Thursday’s episode against two new players.

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