ST. LOUIS — The National Weather Service has released the snowfall totals from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Areas south of St. Louis, like Farmington, are reporting six to ten inches of snow.

The region was bracing to be hit with a lot of snow. A “Memphis Low” path for the storm indicated that is could be a real snowmaker. Many schools canceled classes, and local transportation departments urged people to stay off the roads.

The transition from rain to snow took a lot longer than anticipated. This meant that there were lower snowfall totals than forecast, especially near St. Louis. But, in southeast Missouri and southwest Illinois, there was a lot of snow.

Farmington, Missouri, received 10 inches of snow. Arcadia, Missouri, received 9 inches of snow. 8.5 inches of snow fell in Bismarck, Missouri. 8.1 inches of snow fell at French Village, Missouri. 8 inches of snow fell at Desloge, Missouri. Modoc, Illinois, received 7.2 inches of snow, while Leadwood, Missouri, received 7 inches.

Recent snowfall has left behind a layer of slush across a large portion of the area. Temperatures are expected to drop into the high teens to mid-20s, which will likely cause untreated roads with less traffic to freeze again. The greatest refreeze potential will exist on side roads, rural routes, and elevated surfaces.


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