MANCHESTER, Mo. – Manchester Mayor Mike Clement said on Friday there is a lot of confusion surrounding the proposed annexation. 

“There is a lot of connection here and it makes a lot of sense for us to kind of formally become more than just neighbors, with one group living in the county and one group living in Manchester,” said Clement.

He said a flyer sent out by St. Louis County is creating confusion for thousands of families living in the unincorporated area. 

“They want to know about cost. They want to know about services. They want to know about snowplows. How good is our police department,” said Clement. 

He said another concern he’s hearing from residents is how much the annexation will cost them in additional property tax dollars. 

“There will be minimal increase in personal property and real property taxes for the unincorporated area if annexation were to happen. The big savings for that though is in our trash fees. Trash fees, Manchester pays six dollars a month,” said Clement.

Clement said some of the residents living in the proposed area are paying more than three times that amount for the same services from the county.

Clement said the plans for the annexation began in 2018 and he hopes the residents will get a chance to determine their future. 

“This is a very deliberate process, we have spent lots of time communicating and we don’t think the process is over yet,” said Clement. “We think the boundary commission should send this to a vote and let the voters decide.” 

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