UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – The record flooding Tuesday destroyed homes and cars across the St. Louis region.

“The winds from the storm and the water bust my windows here and then I had a window on the side of the house too,” said Johnnie Williams.

He said the windows lead to the basement where he found more damage. 

“When the windows started busting, it just filled up like a pool and within 30 minutes it was like here, and then by the time I left the house the water was all the way at the top of the steps,” said Williams.

Williams said he grabbed his possessions and brought them upstairs.

“Mainly pictures, documents, my son’s toys,” said Williams. “It felt like a movie, you know and here we are. You know water is a very powerful thing and I’ve seen that and it takes minutes.”

Williams said he smelled gas and quickly evacuated his home.

“When I opened that door, I didn’t know like if it was going to be, how high the water was, so I literally put my phone in a ziplock bag, my keys, and my wallet in my pouch in my jacket and said a little prayer and I went out the door,” said Williams. “You don’t know the power of water until it hits you. It moves fast, it fills up, it takes shape of whatever it comes around and it’s really nothing you can do about it except try to find safety and move quickly.”

He said the damage is estimated to cost around $10,000 in repairs. 


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