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Levi Strauss announced last week it is deploying artificial intelligence throughout its fulfillment network to better service e-commerce orders.

The denim company has launched a patent-pending technology called BOOST, short for Business Optimization of Shipping and Transport. The platform will streamline e-commerce fulfillment by expanding available product searches to include stores, giving consumers more options if a product is out of stock at distribution centers.

The technology is designed to help choose the “best fulfillment option for both the consumer and our bottom line,” Louis DiCesari, global head of data, analytics and AI at Levi’s, said in the release.

Along with opening up more inventory to customers, BOOST is able to optimize operations by reducing split shipments, the release said.

“BOOST is designed to consider all elements of the process, from shipping to packaging to labor, leading to optimized decision making that saves time and money across the board,” DiCesari said.

The rollout of BOOST is part of the denim company’s larger effort to digitally enhance its operations. In June, Levi’s said it would “continue to upgrade its enterprise resource planning system and automate and digitize key processes,” as well as invest in AI capabilities to enhance direct-to-customer experiences.

Currently, Levi’s is applying BOOST to around 40% of U.S. consumers’ e-commerce orders and is already scaling the technology across Europe. By Black Friday, the company plans to process 100% of eligible U.S. orders using BOOST, said Levi’s Global Operations Data Science Manager Inna Saboshchuk.

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