JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri House Minority Leader Crystal Quade asked Attorney General Eric Schmitt to clarify whether Missouri’s abortion ban allows women to be prosecuted for using contraception, but he has not yet responded to Quade’s inquiry.

Quade said she asked for an official opinion from Schmitt’s office on June 29, and she has yet to receive a response. Quade sent a follow-up letter to Schmitt on Monday.

“Based on your public statements, we appear to be in agreement that House Bill 126 did not suddenly outlaw the prescribing, dispensing or use of birth control medications or devices when the law took full effect last month,” Quade said. “However, without clear guidance from your office, there remains a heightened risk a prosecutor with political or ideological motives could bring malicious charges against Missourians over birth control.”

She also brought up Schmitt’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

“While I understand the demands of campaigning for office can be taxing, they offer no excuse for failure to timely perform one’s official duties,” Quade said. “Since RSMo. 27.040 says the attorney general “shall give his opinion, in writing, without fee” on questions of law when requested by lawmakers and other elected officials, your failure to do so could cause voters to question why they should consider you for higher office when you can’t manage the duties of your current one.”

A spokesperson for Schmitt has previously said “Missouri’s law does not prohibit the use or provision of Plan B or contraception.”

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