LATOKEN REVIEW | let’s see the latest updates & features of the Latoken(LA) exchange feature, today’s
latest news & cryptocurrency
price list in 2021.

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And today we’re going to
be continuing my
exchange review. And we’re going to be focusing on a
centralized exchange today called
which has been around in the crypto space since 2017.

And it was actually one
of my earliest exchanges that I ever registered to, I want to say back in very
early 2018, or must have been late 2017. And in this article, I’m going to be
giving my objective take on
the exchange
and its features and kind of looking at all the aspects and things that it’s
basically offering compared to a lot of the other competition.


  On latoken exchange official website home page showing some of the
promotions going on.

One of the interesting
things that they have is this thing called the
VCTD, which is for venture

And they basically like
streaming out the set of like pictures and
to this TV
thing, and they will pop
on the bottom, I will tell you when the next one is going to be
actually happening.

And they are doing a lot
of these launches on their platform. So there’s almost like on a weekly basis,
they’re launching
new tokens on their
which you can partake on.



 But we’re gonna be about
that in a second. And let’s
talk about
which is probably one of the more interesting arising questions in the crypto space right now.

And obviously, there are dimensions to the actual security. One of the things I do understand personally
is that they’re going to be using or using 99.5%, all the funds are
getting cold storage with multi signature.



 So basically multisignature is either going to be multiple during the
transactions, if they go through like a highlight as a security that is like one
of the best ways to basically enhance the
on your whole exchange

  • And
    they’re using a bunch of different encryptions here as well.
  • And
    passwords as well.
  • And
    obviously, HTTPS is here supported.
  • DDOS
    predictions and two 2FA verification.

Many ways to basically
increase the protection, as far as I know, do are out there a whole period of
existence, they haven’t been hacked even once.


But pretty much all the
major exchanges have gone through hacker
two, so I’m getting that type of the record and span of three years to me is
maybe they’re very immersive of their Partner of the Year, I’m not actually
sure a lot of people actually, you know, ring any bells, so to speak.


But let’s jump into the
one of the first things is, which is fees, that is a very important aspect to basically start from.




And in terms of the spot trading fees, it is basically, you
know, moving towards the volume that you’re going to be trading, I do want to
say there are a lot of different systems in space in their ecosystem, such as referring people, which are going to be
giving you credits, which are basically used to pay the training fees.

And by normal without
bonuses, these training fees are pretty brutal. It can go actually
down to zero, which is pretty good.

I mean, the last levels
are pretty nice. But that’s a lot of volumes we’re talking about. And so I do
want to say that these are not exactly the most competent rates in the
centralized exchange, that has to be



But as I said, there are
so many ways that basically decrease those numbers doing that in terms of
futures trading Fees very lower, it is
competitive rates



 I’m not a futures
trader. So I’m not perhaps the best person to answer that question. In terms of
deposit fees, there is zero for
all usdt deposits and
1% fee for
in other cryptocurrencies
that can be taken as pretty high amount, if you’re going to be taking large
sums of money, you’re going to be depositing that again, you pay $100.

And the dollar goes into the
fee in terms of deposits.

It’s not exactly like a
standard process. far as I know, I don’t I think that has no fees. And you
know, I guess kind of one way to make money do you want to charge people for
depositing only one charge from actual trading fees? There are many ways to look
at that angle, basically, in terms of the withdrawal fees and
minimum withdrawals, these rates can be a somewhat good fee.

So there’s not exactly
competency specific, as I’ve mentioned earlier, to listen to there are so many
tokens on the platform and because of that there there’s going to be different
fees for each one of them.

Who do you have
Obviously, you know, like name, for example, which by the way
doesn’t have any fees, it’s they had
04. That’s pretty nice.

There’s a lot of tokens listed below, it’s one of the largest exchanges in terms of funds, I want to say there’s around
200, which is a very high sum, most of them are 30 tokens.

then you have some, you know, household names, your traumas, your bitcoins, EOS, XRP, Litecoin, ethereum,
, and a bunch of others and with about a second.


But now
we have gone through the fees. Now
it’s the Latoken Exchange interface,
and this is what it looks like right now.

 And one of the things I want to say from the
get-go is, I do love this layout, very clear, good fonts, the logos are here on the side, I see the price graph for the 7
days to change in percentage as well as change 24, value, and market cap

these are changing in real-time. As
you can see, they’re blinking in our eyes. That’s a very nice feature in
general to have we have an understanding of what’s going on.

different pairings here, USDT, you have Bitcoin, and you have ethereum, and LA, which is their
own token, I’m not exactly sure what
is the utility of it, but the trades in this pairing are pretty low.

As you
can see, they’re not exactly very high Thai outside from bxtla, you do have minus 50%
trade physically trading
with la pairs, though.


So I
guess there’s that benefit.  EOS, not many pairings here, volume,
pretty much zero. So I guess nobody uses us here. And then you have Tron where
there’s some actual trading also happening apparently, then there’s an alternative
tab. I don’t know what this exactly means.

This is
just showing you different tokens, I guess, or something like that. Or no, I
think these are some type of stocks or something like that.

Yeah, I
think these are not cryptocurrencies like this is Space X interest,
for example.

interesting. So you have a couple of options here in terms of the things then
there’s a Profile tab, I will not go
too much into it because it has the name and everything because it does require

least level two is needed to participate in some of this stuff. But I do
believe you can trade without level one on certain occasions, comes in
Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese. And I think this is bizarre, I don’t know what
that is, is one of those Indian countries, Portuguese.


then there’s the futures tab. There’s also crowdfunding, which we talked about

are the ongoing ones. As I said, there are quite many of them. There’s also an
upcoming, which is I guess, showing a bunch of different projects which are starting some of these I’m not gonna
lie are looking very extremely low quality.

I think
the barrier of entry getting into these is very low. And some of them will look
okay and seldom does definitely not so I don’t know what to make out of it, but
a lot of the okay you can hexus here Are you kidding me?

that’s interesting. But yes, there is a clean platform and you can choose and there are different rounds and different
for each round and etc.

 I guess in general ideas is not something I do
recommend participating on, it’s just not something you really want to do in
this building, I think it’s way too risky and dangerous or not even that good.


there is the terminal tab. This shows
you a bunch of different stuff, you can plug drag in trade you can trade in as
like a screener and it can be actually kind of nice features so you can like create your own interface here and tracks data and stuff and markets for everything
so it could be good for professional


there is the earned money system. So
there’s these credits, which I talked about to your ear and these basically are
used to pay the fees on this
exchange a bunch of airdrops also which you can participate in after you have
done the KYC I’ve talked about them in many of my airdrop articles directly
deposit into the Le token account
and you can trade in there immediately once they become available for trading.

some of them are good some of them are absolutely bitcoins and then there is
also an opportunity to buy and sell
Fiat for Bitcoin.

So you
can use bank cards. Moon pages mean the coin banks are iters
quantify and this works right?

I sell
Bitcoin getting that to my master bank card basically or sepa account knows what those are.

I think
those are gonna say they’re repeating accounts or something like that. But
basically, there isn’t a fee at Gateway, which is something a lot of platforms
don’t have and then I start to actually have combative tricks.

there’s a mobile top-up even you can use gift cards that’s apparently basically
use those and sell them they don’t here apparently never use this thing seemed
interesting maybe you have to do before you feel some point there’s the super
tab but let’s go into the actual wallet and the different things.

So you
have total balance shows all your
  there’s so many of these
open to TVs, how can we close these?



basically Total elevations of all
your back. So there’s the Wallet account,
which is basically where you withdraw all of your stuff shows you the referral bonuses and the rewards that I received also, and I
hear I can transfer them or send them or whatever I want to do with these, then there are the zero assets you can heavy the thing that you don’t have funds on.

there’s also the by credit card,
which shows you what currency I can buy
also like in this exchange and that
is narrow.


As of
right now, our spit account is your
trading account, basically. And this you can use to sign up. Well just trade you know, all crypto lists shows here.

 And as you can see, there’s a lot of these
weird they’re down tokens like this  for
example, I got damages, valuation like it was marketed ad as like 1 BIOG
equal $1

sometimes you want to like this is something you have to understand about airdrops and you know, value
propositions, he will never be that price until people aren’t willing to buy it that the price like holy shit that that tokens, valuation was way off.


 But there’s always a futures tab. And as we already looked into that there are the futures.

 And then there’s the awards tab. And these all
this is not real $3,000 that is for not for withdrawal or transfer.

Here is
basically credits that you can use on
trading fees, so I can, you know, pay
25% on fees
, which we looked into earlier in the beginning of the article,
what we saw all those fees, and et cetera.

yeah, you’re going to use that. So it will become a lot more affordable
compared to the competition.

And the
center, when you can have all of these funds basically cover up the costs. And
that is pretty much my rundown of all of these things.

 There’s also a Security tab, which allows you to Google Authenticator or SMS, email, et cetera. And then there’s the
API keys, and etc.

overall, like la token is, I guess,
an okay platform and there are better ones out there, but it’s having
obviously some notes on these very niche tokens which are not listed anywhere else, and also is a launchpad for new projects.

So, you
know, lightning can strike now and then so they might feature projects in the
future, which may become really big.

Latoken is not a scam it’s a 100%
genuine exchange what you think comment on below.

But that
is pretty much my thoughts about this
. Thanks for reading the full details, and I will see you guys next


Latoken app
is also available on the Google play store easily you can access this Latoken
exchange its totally user-friendly application.


If you
want to see the Latoken whitepaper  in
then you can see on its official site.









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