ST. LOUIS – An arctic blast rocked St. Louis on the second night of winter, and it could very well be one for the record books by the time it ends.

Thursday’s lowest windchill in St. Louis hit minus-32 degrees Fahrenheit in the late evening hours, per FOX 2’s radar.

That nearly ranks among the Top 10 coldest wind chill events in St. Louis, a list shared by the National Weather Service on Thursday. According to the NWS, the ninth- and tenth-coldest windchill weather events in St. Louis history produced at least minus-33 marks in 1963 and 2014 respectively.

As the arctic blast continues to sweep across St. Louis, perhaps there’s a chance it could crack the Top 10 coldest overnight or early Friday morning.

St. Louis’ coldest wind chill on record, minus-48 degrees Fahrenheit, came in 1985 over a stretch of three days (Jan. 19-21). According to NWS, that record-holding windchilll was below 25 degrees for 18 consecutive hours, below 15 degrees for 39 consecutive hours and below zero degrees for 51 consecutive hours during that stretch.

Also on Thursday, the FOX 2 Weather Team also tracked 3.1 inches of snow at Scott Air Force Base in Shiloh, Illinois and 1.8 inches of snow at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.


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