MERRIAM, Kan. – The bitter cold temperatures could be dangerous, if not deadly to pets left outdoors.

Rae Lindsey and the team at the Pet Resource of Kansas City have already been busy going through neighborhoods where they see outdoor pets, hanging door hangers and offering assistance. She’s already seen frozen water bowls and frozen paws.

“We see a lot of frostbite which is so extremely painful for pets,” Lindsey said.

But she doesn’t want to see the worst outcomes, when she goes out later this week.

“We’re doing the preventative work of getting out there and educating pet owners and providing resources so we don’t have to call in these pets Thursday through Sunday.”

KC Pet Project’s Animal Services Division issued a warning Monday animals exposed to winter conditions may be subject to immediate seizure and prosecution for animal cruelty. But with temperatures expected to dip below zero and the wind chill far below that Lindsey warns even what’s usually deemed adequate shelter may not be enough.

“With the temperatures getting as low as they are, outdoor pets it’s fatal and detrimental to their health. Even with adequate shelter, with straw, with all the protection necessary these temperatures are going to be so bad that pets shouldn’t be outside and be expected to survive.”

That’s why organizations serving pets on both sides of the state line are urging owners to not have your pets outside for any more than a minute or two if possible.

“We encourage them to bring them inside we’ll give them a crate, we’ll give them a bunch of other supplies so they can make it as comfortable for themselves as their dogs when they bring them inside,” Tracy Lewandowski, Great Plains SPCA Director of Operations, said.

KC Pet Project already did a supply giveaway to 78 families last weekend. PRCKC will have their mobile van driving around with supplies. But if you need an indoor crate to keep your dog inside this week you can pick one up at the Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas
from noon until 4 p.m. Tuesday.


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