Happy first card of UFC in 2023. And thank you T-Mobile Arena for likely throwing up the incorrect graphic displaying the return of Jon Jones on March 4th. He will instead be fighting UFC heavyweight contender, Ciryl Gane. The UFC is yet to touch on this but assuming that the arena that has the fight booked is displaying this graphic, is likely a sign of things to come. With this as a possibility, let’s talk about the event.

Jon Jones Return

The biggest part of this story is that this would mark the return of former UFC light heavyweight, Jon Jones. He has not been active since pre-COVID and this is the first appearance of him since his latest arrest. This return also marks the biggest news that will likely have people once again speaking about the events occurring rather than attention on Dana White and the incident that occurred on New Years Eve. Jones is looked at as the greatest light heavyweight of all time if not the greatest fighter of all time. Jones has one loss on his record which came to a disqualification due to illegal downward elbows.

Winner Gets A Title Fight?

This is the biggest question. What is this fight? With the ongoing title fight negotiations with current heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, is this fight for an interim belt or is this a new title fight to become the undisputed champion? If this is a title fight, there would have to be surprise that on the other side of the octagon from Jones is not Stipe Miocic. If this is the undisputed title fight then this is the first heavyweight title fight since Ngannou defeated Gane in Anaheim one year ago in January 2022.

Who Wins The Fight?

This question all depends on one thing. Is Jon Jones going to be as quick as he once was. When it comes to agility, I would think Gane may be the only heavyweight that could keep up with Jones. In terms of power, neither guy should be overlooked. Experience however, is where there is plenty of difference and it heavily leans on the side of Jon “Bones” Jones. At the end of the day, I would never say anyone else’s name as the man is coming home. He will be the next heavyweight champion and be looked at as the greatest MMA fighter of all time.


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