What kind of drive-thru customer are you?

A TikTok user has followers talking after posting a video detailing the “worst” types of drive-thru customers in her workplace — from those who yell their orders to the customers who order while yammering on the phone.

TikToker Audrey Karn identified the worst customers she deals with as the ones with “no manners,” “that order from the passenger side,” “the gaslighter,” “cheapskate” and “the phone caller.”

“I also didn’t want to put my place of employment, but you can assume where,” she captioned the clip about serving people caffeine-based beverages, that’s been viewed over 75,000 times and includes the less-than-subtle hashtag #starbucks.

Karn detailed each customer, acting out the scenarios with examples of what she faces in each one.

“The yeller” is a customer who literally will shout out their order, while a customer with “no manners” will forgo any pleasantries and immediately jump into the order.

Karn identified people that speak softly as the ones who have to get the driver to order for them, and she said “the gaslighter” is someone who is adamant you gave them the wrong thing — even when it’s what they actually ordered.

Karn identified 6 of the worst habits drive-thru customers have.
Karn identified six of the worst habits drive-thru customers have.
She didn't specify where exactly she worked but the comments made it clear it's a universal experience for all drive-thrus.
She didn’t specify where exactly she worked but the comments made it clear it’s a universal experience for all drive-thrus.

The “cheapskate” is someone who gets the wrong order and requests it be changed — but wants to keep the original order anyway — and the final drive-thru terror is “the phone caller,” a person who is on the phone while ordering and refuses to pause the conversation — even sometimes saying the “person at the drive-thru is so irritating” to the person on the other end of the call.

She gave a special shout-out to customers who ask for a recommendation or what her favorite drink is — but told them to trust the person serving them if that’s what they’re going to do.

“We love this but if you’re gonna ask, trust,” she wrote on the clip.

Hundreds of current and former drive-thru workers commented on the clip, sharing their own experiences and adding to the list.

“You forgot the ones who make their kids order themselves from the backseat,” one user wrote.

“When they take so long to take their payment and hold up the whole line and then they check their bags and sandwiches in front of you,” shared another.

“Or whenever they just pull up and your doing something and they just scream hello hello until you answer,” a user commented.

TikTok has become a haven for service industry workers to share their pet peeves. Last week, a Starbucks employee put customers on blast who “steady stare” at her while she makes them their drinks.

Not all use the app to chastise customers, earlier in the month a barista blasted their co-workers for taking to the app to whine, telling them it’s “literally their job.”

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