COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – Similar to MoDOT, officials with IDOT shared that they did not pre-treat the roads. Rain came in before this snow, which would’ve washed it all away.

Snow can be seen sticking to the grass, but the outer road people take to get on I-255 is very clear.

We’ve seen several snow plows Wednesday morning pulling out of the IDOT parking lot. A tweet from the Illinois Department of Transportation explained that they have more than 1800 plows ready to go when winter weather strikes.

Drivers continuously work specific routes that average about 30 miles each. If the snow starts to accumulate on the roads, snow routes and primary routes will be the first ones plows will clear first across the metro east.

FOX 2 spoke with IDOT’s Operation Engineer Joe Monroe, who said that they’ve prepared for drivers to experience light and heavy snow throughout the morning commute.

“So please give them plenty of room. The women and men behind the plows, that’s their office. If you can stay back 2, 3, 400 feet behind a plow, that’s a winner every day and twice on Sunday – just stay behind that plow. Don’t try to pass. Everyone gets to their destination more safely and more quickly if we can just work together.”

Drivers are advised to be aware of the changing road conditions, and visibility issues.


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