ST. LOUIS — Demonstrators took to the streets of St. Louis Friday night. Hundreds of protestors, upset with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing states to outlaw abortion, marched near Planned Parenthood in the Central West End.

At the same time, a rally involving abortion rights activists and supporters took place in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood.

“Get involved in causes,” said State Rep. Trish Gunby, D-Manchester. “This is an attack on our rights.”

Earlier on Friday, demonstrators from both sides of the abortion debate gathered near Planned Parenthood and engaged in shouting matches at times.

Mary Maschmeier, who supports the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, gives her thoughts on the subject.

“When I first heard it this morning, I cried,” said Maschmeier. “I thought I would never see this day.”

St. Louis area resident Claudia Hobson also supports the ruling.

“We have to protect that life and somehow get the help and support for the women going through the decision in the first place, said Hobson. “To allow both to live and to be healthy, and loved and cherished.”

Others called the ruling an attack on their rights.

“I cried,” said Andrea Scarpino. “I mean, it’s devastating to live my whole life in this country, where this reproductive right is granted to me, and to have that taken away is devastating.”

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