MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – It was a 12-hour rescue mission for the Humane Society of Missouri’s team in Maryland Heights, which traveled to Ozark County to rescue nearly 30 dogs. 

“It was a good drive today,” said Ella Frank, the director of the animal cruelty task force. 

The dogs, Lakeland terriers, were rescued from a dog breeder in Ozark County, Missouri, who had their breeder license revoked but continued breeding dogs. The dogs were given to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, which then gave them to the HSMO. 

“It’s nice to know that the dogs will be bedded down somewhere warm,” Frank said. 

Twenty-four of the dogs were adults, while five were younger than seven months. 

The dogs were transported to the HSMO Buddy Center in Maryland Heights. On Wednesday, the dogs were being treated for a variety of injuries. 

“One’s missing an ear, and another one has a big scar on the side of his face,” said Julie Brinker, a veterinarian. “Another one has an abscess on his muzzle, so that’s a lot of animals to be injured out of 29.” 

The Humane Society anticipates that each dog will be able to be adopted, but each dog’s timetable will be different. 

“Some animals are going to be friendly and basically healthier than others,” Brinker said. “Others may take a month or more to recover, it all varies.” 

Laura Keller with the Humane Society told FOX 2 she expects each dog will eventually be adoptable and that there are already several people making inquiries about the dogs. 

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, you can check the Humane Society website for updates. 


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