ILLINOIS – Snapchat has agreed to pay $35 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that accuses the company of violating privacy laws within Illinois.

The lawsuit alleges that the social media platform violated Illinois law, specifically the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act, by “collecting and storing biometric identifiers and/or biometric information through the use of the ‘lenses’ and ‘filters’ features.”

The settlement means that a share of $35 million will be available to certain Illinois residents. You can submit a claim requesting payment if you lived in Illinois for any period of time since Nov. 17, 2015 and used lenses or filters offered by Snapchat during that time.

That could include filters to adjust your face in photos or lenses that may identify which city you are located in. Each time a user takes a selfie or uses a filter, that person’s facial features are scanned. The lawsuit contends that those features collect biometric data, ultimately violating Illinois law.

Illinois residents must submit an online claim here by Nov. 5 in order to possibly receive payment. The settlement fund totals around $35 million. Once court fees, costs and expenses are taken out, it’s unclear how many people might be eligible or how much each eligible person might receive from the settlement.

A final court hearing on the settlement of the Snapchat case is scheduled for Nov. 17. If you are unsure if you qualify for a payment, you can email the settlement administrator at [email protected] or call 1-844-939-4343.

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