ST. LOUIS – Hi-Pointe Drive-In donated 5% of its sales on Wednesday to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis after their restaurant was one of four broken into overnight.

Whether it’s with a burger or a milkshake, customers rallied behind Hi-Pointe Drive-In after the popular restaurant is broken into overnight.

“There’s no reason to do that. They’re a great business, so we just wanted to come get a milkshake and support them,” said customer Hadley Baker.

Hi-Pointe, along with Vicia, Sunny’s Cantina, and Five Guys, were the targets of thieves.

“Three people threw a brick through our window, broke the window, came in, and tried to steal all the cash from our registers, found it wasn’t there, so instead they actually just took three bags of Red Hot Riplets,” said Hi-Pointe Drive-In President Ben Hillman. “The detective working the case told us today that they have a suspect in custody.”

There have been nearly 30 reported break-ins throughout St. Louis in recent weeks.

Police confirm many are connected by the same groups of criminals.

The investigation is still ongoing.

“When life gave us a lemon last night, we decided to make a cheeseburger out of it, so we tried to fight hate with love,” Hillman said.

The popular restaurant chain channeling that frustration into good by donating a portion of their proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club to help empower teens and curb crime from the roots.

“I’m happy that we decided to come here tonight on all nights,” said a Hi-Pointe customer.

Digging in and giving back while serving up some justice.


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