ST. LOUIS — The winter storm warning is in place beginning Thursday and will last until Friday. A wind chill effect begins on Friday and continues through Saturday. These are extremely risky conditions.

It is better to keep children indoors to keep them safe. Here are some ideas for keeping your littles and not-so-littles entertained at home during the cold weather.

Carry out a winter scientific project. Mad Science of St. Louis does experiments and demonstrations that you and your kids can watch and then try at home.

Make your own Gateway arch. Did you realize the Gateway Arch is a giant math problem? To inspire your future engineers, learn how this Arch was built at How Stuff Works and then try making your own model. Making Math Visible includes a catenary arch classroom experiment that you can undertake at home with a few pieces of cardstock and some careful cutting. The tabletop model, like the foam arch blocks at the Science Center, sticks together because to gravity.

Play with the new holiday gifts. If you received a board game as a present, plan a family gaming day or night. This can assist children in learning how to organize, count, recognize letters, and move their hands and eyes in unison.

With balloon tennis, you can bring the outside enjoyment within. This is a risk-free technique to develop motor skills without risking breaking a lamp.

Other options for indoor activities

KidsActivities.com has compiled a list of 35 indoor activities to perform at home. Constructing a snowy toy car ramp, making a snow globe, and having an indoor snowball fight are just a few of the activities available.

This website includes simple indoor activities for moms with small children. Some of these things are giving your kids strange kitchen items, letting them open junk mail, and putting popsicle sticks all over the house with painters’ tape. If it is snowing, provide them with a dish of snow to play with indoors.


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