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Glossier is raising prices on some of its products, according to its website and a story posted to its Instagram account this week. Due to “higher production and shipping costs,” prices will rise in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden on July 6. In the U.S., prices will increase between $1 and $4.

“While many of our products will stay the same price, we understand that even this adjustment will impact our community at a time where there are other global market increases,” the company said in its story.

Glossier did not immediately respond to a request for comment on which products would be affected by the price increases. The DTC beauty brand said in its communication to customers that it wanted to give shoppers the chance to purchase their favorite products before prices increased.

The price hikes come amid rising inflation across the country, with high costs for essential goods like grocery and gas pushing consumers to spend less on discretionary purchases. A Numerator report earlier this month found that 66% of struggling households were cutting back on nonessential spending in light of inflation. A report from the research firm in early April was already finding beauty was one of the affected categories, with spending in the space trending down as consumers avoided unnecessary purchases. At the time, spending in beauty was down 7% compared to a year ago.

The decision to raise prices also follows a tumultuous period for Glossier, which in January laid off more than 80 employees after CEO Emily Weiss said the brand had “made some mistakes” on its path to scale. That amounted to about a third of the brand’s workforce. Weiss herself exited the CEO spot in May, though she remains on the board as its executive chair. Kyle Leahy, Glossier’s first chief commercial officer, was named her replacement.

The company in 2020 laid off all of its store employees and shut down its physical locations as the pandemic took a toll. About a year later, the company began rebuilding its store fleet, thanks in part to $80 million in funding that was set to go toward “dozens of new stores” in the U.S. and international markets. As it shifts back into growth mode, the brand in April named its first celebrity brand ambassador in Olivia Rodrigo.

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