Tracy visited with devastating news: Luke died in a cable car accident. Really, his demise was orchestrated by Victor, which Anna and Laura set out to prove. Victor, who had designs on the Ice Princess, set up Jennifer Smith to take the fall for Luke’s murder, and kidnapped Charlotte to force Valentin to do his bidding. Val ’fessed up to Anna; they became lovers and he rescued Charlotte with an assist from Laura.


Peter absconded to Switzerland with Maxie. Felicia struck him dead to save her daughter. Once home, Maxie reclaimed Bailey (née Louise) from Brook Lynn and coupled up with Austin. Chase and Brook Lynn teamed up to take down Linc and began dating as she managed his fledgling music career, but he dumped her for thwarting his return to the PCPD.


Ned and Olivia renewed their vows and he adopted Leo…. Lucy and Martin went public with their romance…. Dante and Sam moved in together…. Terry dated Chet, then clicked with Yuri…. Marshall and Epiphany grew closer and she took the MCATs.


Carly divorced Sonny after catching him in bed with Nina. Nina lost a nasty court battle with Michael and Willow for visitation with Wiley. Estranged from Sonny, Michael colluded with Sonny’s new hire, Dex, to take his dad down. Harmony went on a crime spree to protect her big secret: Willow is Nina’s biological daughter, not hers. She was struck by a vehicle driven by Sasha; before dying, she spilled the truth about Nina and Willow to Carly. Carly kept the info to herself. Pregnant Willow was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow donor.


Shawn hired Alexis to run The Invader before he left town…. Sonny sold Charlie’s to Phyllis…. Selina strong-armed Brad into working for her and solidified business arrangements with Sonny and Curtis…. Spinelli was the secret mastermind behind Society Setups and its illegal matching algorithm…. Michael and Drew plotted to merge ELQ and Aurora, but Ned felt iced out and voted with Valentin to block the merger. This caused Carly, who had leveraged her stake in the Metro Court to gobble up Aurora stock in an effort to help Drew and Michael, to lose her half of the hotel — which Nina purchased. Drew and Carly had to keep their budding romance under wraps to avoid insider trading charges.


Reeling from the loss of baby Liam, Sasha popped pills. After a public meltdown, Sasha faced jail time, so she agreed to let new hubby Brando be her legal guardian. Ava and Diane survived attacks by a hook-wielding killer, but Brando died from his hook-inflicted injuries, devastating Sasha.


Marshall confessed to Curtis the real reason for abandoning him so long ago: He’d been diagnosed as schizophrenic. Curtis and Portia got engaged, but he learned he was still married to Jordan. Jordan took the rap for Stella’s failure to file the divorce papers. Jordan suspected that Portia was hiding that Curtis, not Taggert, had sired Trina.


Dante’s summer camp buddy, Cody, took a job at the Quartermaine stables and pursued Britt. Cody proved to be Mac’s son (by Dominique), but he kept mum, angling for a fortune in diamonds (in the form of a necklace formerly belonging to Leopold Taub, his supposed father). Victor also wanted the jewelry, as it contained fragments of the Ice Princess. Lucy used herself as bait to try to get the goods on Victor. Victor held Ethan hostage to force Holly to commit crimes on his behalf, including framing Anna for Lucy’s “murder”. Anna and Valentin worked to prove her innocence and bring Lucy home. Holly and Robert conspired to outwit Victor. Before Holly went off to rescue Ethan, she secured the necklace for Robert.


Liz’s repressed childhood memories began to surface, causing psychological problems and issues in her new relationship with Finn. She confronted Jeff and Carolyn and was shocked to discover that she was indirectly responsible for the death of Finn’s wife/Jeff’s mistress, Reiko…. Britt learned that her Huntington’s was progressing.


On the teens’ getaway to Sonny’s cabin, Esme drugged Trina and recorded Josslyn and Cameron’s lovemaking. Esme leaked the sex tape and framed Trina, who was arrested. Hoping to bust Esme, Spencer pretended to believe that Trina was guilty. Stung, Trina began keeping company with cop Rory. Kevin was wary of Esme’s interest in Ryan — her secret father! Ryan pressured Esme to break up Nikolas and Ava. At a particularly shaky moment in his marriage, Nik slept with Esme. Ava found out and sent Esme over the side of the parapet. To conceal this, Nik made it look like Esme had fled town. Trina was ultimately exonerated, but Spencer did time (first in Spring Ridge, then in Pentonville, where Cyrus looked out for him). Spencer and Trina secretly yearned for one another. Esme resurfaced — pregnant! — and Nik locked her up in a Wyndemere tower. To save Nik’s hide, Liz pretended that Nik impregnated her. Dex and Joss developed a mutual attraction as she grew apart from Cam. Heather returned and shared a secret with Ryan — she is Esme’s mother!


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