PIKE COUNTY, Mo. – A former police chief of a small town in Eastern Missouri is now facing a murder charge in connection with a fatal overdose at his home last year.

William Jones and his girlfriend, Alexis Thone, were arrested last October after Thone’s two brothers overdosed inside Jones’ apartment. Only one of them survived after receiving Narcan.

According to our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Gabriel Thone was found dead on the floor of Jones’ bedroom. He was 24.

At the time, the Pike County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged Jones with second-degree trafficking drugs, tampering with evidence in a felony investigation, and possession of a controlled substance. Thone was charged with second-degree trafficking of drugs and possession of a controlled substance.

Prosecutors claim Jones took the drugs from the Louisiana, Missouri Police Department’s evidence locker. Court documents showed several things were taken from Jones’ home, including capsules, pipes, scales, and other drug paraphernalia.

The city fired Jones shortly after the charges were filed. He’d been the Louisiana, Missouri police chief since Dec. 2020.

On Jan. 13, 2023, a grand jury in Pike County indicted Jones on a new count of second-degree murder. It means a person committed a felony and someone died as a result of that action.

Louisiana is located along the Mississippi River in Pike County. It is approximately 85 miles northwest of St. Louis.


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