The UFC was pleased to have another fantastic fight night card for the 100th fight night on ESPN. This article will be only going over the main event and if you like content like this, we will cover the entire card on a podcast episode that can be found visually on YouTube and on most podcast streaming sites tomorrow morning.

Marlon “Chito” Vera

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Chito, bet on Chito, and on my scorecard had him winning the fight 49-46 with him only losing round one. What I did not like about the performance was how confident he was that he won the fight towards the end of round 4 and into round 5. Chito had Font in a tough spot and Rob Font would have had to finish Chito to get the win but the problem was the heart of Font for Vera. The Boston-native is never was going to back down and while Vera looked relatively untouched at the end of the fight opposed to how Font looked, at any given moment, Font can finish this fight. Font had Chito against the cage to start every round and with one shot it could have been lights out behind the jab of Rob. Regardless, Vera gets the victory and come tomorrow should enter the top five of the bantamweight rankings. Vera deserves a top 5 opponent and likely with a win, he could be right at the top for a championship fight opportunity for the 29 year old. With TJ Dillashaw likely getting a title shot unless Henry Cejudo jumps ahead and gets the chance and already having fought Jose Aldo, I like the chances of either a Vera vs. Sandhagen fight or Sandhagen vs. Yan. With a win over the former bantamweight champion, Petr Yan, he likely gets the next title shot. With a win over Sandhagen, I think the UFC would still need one more fight from Chito.

If Vegas is asking, I like the chances that Chito’s next fight will be competing against former champion, Petr Yan likely by the end of summer headlining another fight night card possibly outside America.

Rob Font

I know I backed up Font a lot in the Vera recap but he isn’t off the hook either. Rob missed weight for the first time in his career coming into this fight which will raise plenty of questions and put a mark in his file in my mind. After the first eight minutes in there, his cardio was in serious question as he went from heavy shots behind his jab to landing a lot of volume with no real damage through the last three rounds. Font has now lost his last two main events on Fight Night cards to Chito and Jose Aldo earlier this year. No question he has one of the best chins in all of the UFC but he is getting older and time may be running out for him to have a title shot. I expect him to be removed from the main event spotlight and get a three rounder against a young up-and-comer. The two names that come to mind would be Song Yadong and Sean O’Malley. Sean is likely going to fight at International Fight Week in Vegas which would be way to short after the brutal damage he took over his last two fights. i am not ruling out the possibility that he takes a long break and is the next fight after Sean likely fights a low ranked fighter before hopefully signing a big deal in the UFC possibly in December in Vegas. For Song Yadong, this would be a great next fight for the 24 year old as he could wait until early fourth quarter of 2022. Three rounds almost seems like a requirement for Font after not being able to hold up over his last two fights.

With Sean having a fight I am just ruling him out even though I am confident we will eventually see that fight down the line. I thing Song Yadong and Rob Font is the fight to make and I would possibly even like to see it if the UFC has a PPV in Boston this fall.

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