FLORISSANT, Mo. — While many north St. Louis communities are fighting a surge in crime, Florissant seems to be bucking that trend. The city of 51,000 residents is seeing its low crime level either stay the same or drop in some cases.

Florissant devotes about a third of its budget to the police department. With a budget of about $10 million, the police department has 98 officers on the force.

The investment appears to be paying off. There has been one homicide this year, the same as this time a year ago. There was one carjacking this year compared with three last year up to this time.

There have also been 38 assaults this year, and that’s down from last year.

Florissant Mayor Timothy Lowery, who used to be the city’s police chief, credits the work of police officers and the help from citizens who alert police to trouble.

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