ST. LOUIS – Thousands are celebrating the new year in Downtown St. Louis with the New Year’s Eve “Neon Nights” celebration at Winterfest.

Fireworks and ice skating are the big attractions drawing crowds.

“We’re really excited for the fireworks. That’s what we came here to see. I was like we’ve got to see some fireworks to start off the new year. It’s just a great way to do it,” said Darian Brewer, along with Taki Richards.

“It’s a perfect day. It’s 50 degrees. I knew the ice would be a little wet. We’ve skated in a lot of different areas, but to skate with the arch in the background is very cool,” said Sharon Roeder.

Some people are visiting St. Louis for the weekend just to ring in the new year.

“We’re just down here celebrating the new year,” said Roeder. “We came down here from Fishers, Indiana, so we were just looking for a place to go. We saw Winterfest, we saw the City Museum, just doing a bunch of different things.”

Many families are looking forward to what 2023 offers.

“It’s about to be a new year, so hopefully just to start it off with a good vibe and get the new year going pretty much,” said Brewer.

My mom and I are moving here fully to St. Louis because we live in Ecuador, and we’re just visiting right now. So we’re coming here to live,” said Marco Ochoa, along with Mia Vallejo.

For those who can’t make it out New Year’s Eve, Sunday is the last day to celebrate Winterfest.


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