He let them milk the system!

A former Walmart greeter named Brandon let moms steal goods from the mega chain, he explained in a recent video posted to his TikTok.

Brandon’s job responsibility included checking customers receipts on their way out and when he noticed baby items in bags that weren’t on the receipt he didn’t report it. 

“When I checked the receipt and saw Pampers or baby formula [in the cart] that was not on the receipt, I just said ‘Have a great day,’” he explained in the video.

“Why? Because they’re expensive and kids are expensive in general.”

Brandon said Walmart does little to incentivize employees for reporting stolen items, even though they urged him to be on top of it. 

“Did I care? No Because I was making $11.50 during that time,” he said of his hourly wage.

Brandon explained why he let mom's steal from Walmart.
Brandon explained why he let moms steal from Walmart.

Commenters on Brandon’s video, several of them moms, were quick to voice their support for his leniency. 

“I ran out of formula on a trip to America and I was STUNNNED at how expensive it was. 5x cost of what we paid in UK,” Wendy wrote.

“We should be concerned why all people aren’t thinking like you do,” said CatAzzTrophy.

“I got caught stealing $6 ready-made formula for my daughter when I was 18, got banned for life and publicly shamed,” lamented Kelim505. 

Brandon said he only made $11.50 an hour when working at Walmart.
Brandon said he only made $11.50 an hour when working at Walmart.
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Other TikTokers were less supportive of Brandon and the customers he helped get away with shoplifting.

“I had business of my own and I am also a single mom of 3, and I am not stealing 😏😏😏,” wrote Gabby Orozco. 

“What about those who pay even if they have difficulties and make sacrifices?” said Bianca. 

The Post reached out to Walmart for comment and is awaiting a response.

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