Edwin Diaz is the first domino to drop signing a crazy 5 year, $102 million deal. This is the first time a closer has signed a contract worth more the $100 million. The contract has an opt out and a full no trade clause.

Edwin is worth ever dollar of this contract, Steve Cohen the new owner of the Mets is really about putting the best product out there. Edwin this year had a awesome 1.31 ERA , had 32 Saves in 61 games. he pitched 62.0 innings, and had one the the coolest walkout songs of all time.

If your Mets fan you should be excited for this offseason, yes your team has gone big for the last two years but still no ring. I predict the Mets will go out and spend big again. They will have to spend at least $100 million for Jacob DeGrom. That is probably only for like a 3 year deal too. i could see the Mets going after Andrew Benintendi , I feel like Rockies are just going to go to spend way to much money on Michael Conforto. I would think Andrew Benintendi is a cheaper option for the Mets.

After saying all that I still don’t think the Mets will win a world series championship in the next five years. I think the Braves are a powerhouse in that division. On the other side you have the Cards, and Dodgers. Lets not forget about the Phillies too . I feel like they get hurt to much and just don’t have the offence to keep up with the other teams.


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