EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – East St. Louis residents are concerned about the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists along State Street after a man was killed in a hit and run.

“A lot of people in the community know him by bicycle but his name was Fred. He lived right here in this community,” said Brian Hargrove.

Police said on Wednesday around 1:00 a.m. Freddie Perry was hit by a car while riding his bike near 19th and State street. Neighbors said State Street is dangerous at night and they want to see changes.

“How many more got to lose their life before we get some lighting down through here,” said Susan Nichols.

Some business owners added more lights to the front of their stores to try to make it safer for people on the street and they plan on adding cameras too. 

“If I’m going to be here, it’s a must that I have cameras where I’m able to see what’s going on. Not just for myself but for other people as well,” said Marletta Brown.

Brown said everyone knows each other in a small community like East Saint Louis and she hopes deadly incidents are prevented in the future.  

“He was somebody’s child, somebody’s brother, and somebody’s daddy, and don’t nobody deserve to lose their life like that,” Nichols said. 

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