MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – Several inches of rain fell Thursday in Maplewood, adding to a historic week of rainfall that has wreaked havoc in the St. Louis region.

The heavy rainfall caused Deer Creek to spill over Thursday afternoon, flooding much of the city and neighboring areas. Radars suggest more than 67 trillion pounds of rain have fell on Deer Creek Watershed throughout the week.

“We couldn’t go anywhere,” said Webster Groves resident Anjanae Tony. “Our favorite restaurant is right up the street, under four feet of water.”

Dramatic footage from SkyFOX, powered by the Bommarito Automotive Group, showed overflowing water from Deer Creek flooding the streets of Maplewood. Tree branches and mud litter parking lots in a busy Maplewood shopping center were unintentional markers of floodwaters at their highest.

“The creek is actually looking like the Mississippi [River] at the moment, so it’s kind of crazy,” said Affton resident Tim Hallquist. “Something I’ve never seen, that’s for sure.”

On the roads, drivers had to turn around time and time again, navigating a maze of closed intersections. Some drivers were trapped in high waters and later towed.

“Probably about eight cars already and about six right now, but some of the cars we can’t get to because the roads are still flooded so it’s been very busy,” said Jeremy Clark, owner, Smooth Towing LLC.

Submerged cars were just part of the chaos. First responders from across St. Louis County helped rescue residents on the roads and at home. The calls kept on coming for a city struggling to stay afloat.

“Usually we have time,” said Matthew Wilcox, assistant fire chief of the Maplewood Fire District. “We have a couple of years between storms, we’ve never had 48 hours between responses.”

Officials remind drivers that if you come across high waters, turn around, and don’t drown.

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