ST. LOUIS – A growing trash problem along Interstate 70 is becoming hard to ignore.

Drivers along I-70 recently noticed litter and other debris in the area. The problem is only getting worse, and MoDOT is focused on potholes – not trash.

MoDOT’s head of maintenance, Bob Becker, said they’re playing a game of catch-up and are currently losing. As soon as their winter weather preps before Christmas wrapped up, potholes became the priority – while MoDOT is still short-staffed.

With fewer volunteers and inmates braving the cold on the shoulders, the burden falls on MoDOT’s contractor. However, that’s only on a monthly basis.

It’s even worse when bigger items like tires are in the middle of the road. Not only is trash piling up, so are complaints from drivers.

“You’re like if I stop here, I’m in danger trying to do it, but you’re always afraid that somebody’s going to swerve to go around it and cause an accident,” driver Dennis Doney shared.

“We need to prioritize cleanliness and sanitation and that we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other because we still pay taxes,” driver Dora Washington expressed.

MoDOT says this is the worst time of year for trash alongside the road. They’re encouraging people to pitch in and help if they can.


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