The devil transformed Jan Spears into Belle, who bedded Shawn. Eric exorcised the devil from Marlena, who jumped into Johnny. He dumped Chanel shortly after they were pronounced husband and wife. Devil Johnny told Tripp that Allie and Chanel slept together, which torpedoed his engagement to Allie. Allie and Chanel began dating…. Jan claimed Shawn fathered her unborn baby. She was released from prison into Shawn’s care. Jan gave birth to a boy, who she named Shawn Christian; however, the baby’s real father was revealed to be Evan Frears. Jan escaped from Salem with her son…. Ciara and Ben suspected Johnny was possessed. The devil jumped into Allie, who spirited Ciara to the Horton cabin, where Ciara gave birth to a boy named Bo. Allie swiped the infant and planned to possess him, but Ben and Ciara stopped her with the help of Bo’s spirit. Tripp sacrificed himself to save Allie and vanquish the devil; Bo brought him back to life. Hope gifted Ben and Ciara with a boat; they left Salem to sail the globe.


Jack left town with Jennifer to work on a new paper in Boston. Abigail searched for an MIA Sarah. Gwen donned a Sarah mask and urged Xander to move on with Gwen. Abigail caught on to the ruse and was promptly sent to the same desert island where Kristen was holding the real Sarah, as well as Steve and Kayla. Kristen injected Sarah with a drug that made the latter think she was Tony’s ex, Renee DuMonde. Tony and Chad rescued everyone. Xander proposed to Gwen, who accepted. Back in Salem, Maggie got Sarah an antidote; her true memories returned.


Nancy confided to Chloe that she and Craig were having martial trouble. He came to town and revealed that he was gay and in a relationship with Leo Stark. Nancy began dating a paroled Clyde. Craig and Leo got engaged and planned a double wedding with Gwen and Xander. At the ceremony, Leo’s spouse, Jackie Cox, showed up and exposed Leo as a gold digger. He and Craig were through. Abigail busted Gwen for her misdeeds. Xander left her and reunited with Sarah. Rafe arrested Gwen, who took a plea deal. Craig moved back to New York.


EJ was arrested for Sami’s kidnapping, but EJ suspected Lucas was the culprit. Chad caught Lucas framing EJ and helped bury EJ in court. EJ was found guilty and put in prison. His cellmate was Clyde…. EJ was released from jail. He and Belle slept together…. When Abby began investigating Sami’s kidnapping, Chad revealed that Lucas was to blame. Kate warned Lucas that Abigail knew the truth. Chad was heartbroken when he discovered that Abigail had been stabbed to death in their bedroom. Salem mourned the loss…. Lucas asked Roman for his blessing to marry Sami. At the ceremony, Chad revealed what Lucas had done to Sami and accused him of murdering Abigail. Sami caught EJ and Belle in bed, then left Salem. Lucas surrendered himself to the cops and was sent away…. Clyde was revealed to be Abigail’s killer, which ended his nearmarriage to Nancy, who returned to Manhattan and began dating Mike Horton…. Jennifer began taking pills in the wake of Abigail’s death. She mowed down Gwen with her car. Gwen survived; Jennifer sought treatment.


Ava discovered that Nicole and Rafe hooked up. She framed Rafe for a shady crime at work. Rafe dumped her and was then acquitted. Rafe and Nicole eloped. Eric returned to town and revealed he had been defrocked for conducting the exorcism. Jada Hunter, daughter of Steve’s old pal Marcus, came to town and joined the police force. She began a romance with Eric. Nicole and Eric realized they were still in love. She broke up with Rafe. Jada discovered she was pregnant, but aborted the baby after a conversation with Nicole. Eric and Nicole split; he turned to lawyer Sloan Petersen, she to EJ.


Kate spirited Philip, who faked his death, out of town. Brady and Chloe reconnected…. Gabi and Li Shin began a romance and got engaged. Jake and Ava started sleeping together. Jake was shot and killed. Dr. Rolf implanted Jake’s heart into Stefan’s body, which he had kept alive on machines. Kristen ordered Rolf to make Jake forget about Gabi and focus on Chloe to keep Chloe away from Brady. Johnny and Ava had sex. Ava and EJ faced off. She tasked Xander with kidnapping Susan. Bonnie wound up in his trap, and after being rescued, suffered from PTSD. Ava drove Susan off the road; Susan died. Ava planted a bomb at Susan’s memorial and was ultimately committed to Bayview.


Abe planned a run for governor, but realized Paulina was the better candidate. Sloan blackmailed Paulina over a secret from Chanel’s past: She was responsible for Sloan’s mother’s death. Paulina won the election; Chanel was arrested for murder. Paulina stepped down. Chanel was released.


Alex Kiriakis, Justin’s son and Sonny’s brother, returned to Salem. Chanel and Allie had a threesome with him. He also bedded Sloan, but really had his eye on PR whiz Stephanie Johnson, who moved home…. Chad and Stephanie flirted…. Leo and Sonny formed a bond while Will was out of town for work…. Xander and Sarah wed…. Wendy Shin, Li’s sister, came to Salem and struck up a friendship with Johnny.


Orpheus kidnapped Marlena, Kayla and Kate and injected them with a deadly toxin. Rex worked to find a cure. Kristen offered a serum to Brady in exchange for him dumping Chloe and reuniting with her, even if in name only. He complied; the women survived.


Paulina’s ex, the abusive TR Coates who was Lani’s bio dad, came to town. TR’s girlfriend, Beth, arrived and told Eli that TR was using heroin. During a drug buy, Eli showed up. TR shot him and framed the dealer. Eli lingered in a coma. When he woke up, Eli fingered TR for the shooting. Lani came upon TR menacing Paulina; she shot him dead. Paulina took the blame. Paulina and Abe married on Juneteenth. Lani was haunted by visions of her late father; she confessed to killing him and was sent to prison in Maryland. Eli moved out of town with the twins to be closer to her. Abe officially adopted Lani.


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