Just in time for Halloween, a new web site, wwwjonathanfrid.com, has been launched honoring Jonathan Frid’s work as daytime TV’s first vampire, Barnabas Collins, on DARK SHADOWS, the supernatural soap that ran from 1966-71. Not only does the site honor the ground-breaking cult classic, it also focuses on the actor’s impressive career. Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke, GH et al) has a special reading on the site and says, “Giving voice to Jonathan Frid was a deeply powerful experience. More than a decade after his passing, Jonathan is still so beloved.” DS co-star David Selby (ex-Quentin; ex-Richard, FALCON CREST et al) adds, “Jonathan Frid brought humanity to Barnabas Collins and the fans loved him for it.” To check it out, click here.

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