ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis School District says that in 10 days, students at the central high schools for the visual and performing arts will be back in class. They’ll be met by some fantastic graffiti in a different atmosphere when they return on January 17th.

Brock Seals is an artist with a clear mission: to utilize art to assist students, teachers, and administrators at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School heal.

On October 24th, a shooter killed a student and a teacher at the same school before being shot dead by police. Seals and his other artists created powerful paintings on the lockers that line the school’s halls.

Nina Simone, the great singer, was painted by Deonne Moore. Simone’s popular song “Feeling Good” influenced her. She also produced a portrait of civil rights hero Malcolm X.

Dave Ruggeri’s simple yet powerful message of peace was designed with all of the district’s pupils, including his own, in mind.

When students return to CVPA, they will be met by these beautiful works of art, which are intended to make them feel safe and comfortable.


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