ST. LOUIS – A seasonably-warm Saturday near the end of January gave many a reason to venture out of their homes and explore around the St. Louis area.

Crowds gathered as St. Charles held its first-ever Bowl and Brews festival at the Foundry Art Centre. The event has it all, including chili beer, music and a chance for the vendors to walk away with some prizes.

“Today’s been awesome. The sun’s out, love being here, love being with my friends and my husband and doing something different,” said Elisabeth Brown with the Foundry Art Centre.

“Here you can come on in, sample all the chili and the beer and then were having a contest,” said Beth Norviel, director of communications and special events for the City of St. Charles. “You can vote for your favorite at the end of the day. We’re awarding first prize for beer, and first prize for chili. … We had a great turn out, and we are just looking forward to continuing to grow the event.”

While those guests spent their Saturday indoors, others wanted to take a nice adventure to the Gateway Arch and take advantage of what the weather had to offer.

“It feels really good outside, me and my people just walking trying to figure out what to eat,” said Ashley Lathon.

“It’s beautiful,. A little bit windy, but gorgeous weather,” said Alejandra Madrid.

Some people say with the weather being like this, it makes it a lot easier to ride on their skateboards.

“It’s actually pretty good,” said Dante Noel. “It’s warm with the cold air, It’s pretty easy riding skateboards and everything.”

“We had so much snow last week that being able to come outside and enjoy the sun is just wonderful. And it’s a great place to be, right under the Arch,” said Brennan Huser.

While the weather feels nice Saturday, a cold front is coming in overnight, which means it’s time to prepare.

“Mostly to just stay in the house. If you go into work, probably go early, so you won’t be in the weather that much,” said Noel.

“Probably stay in the house, put some salt down on the steps, get some food, get some water, you never know with St Louis weather,” said Lathon.


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