Cracker Barrel has become the new battleground of America’s culture war after the Southern-themed restaurant chain posted a Facebook notice touting its new plant-based sausage.

“Discover new meat frontiers,” the Lebanon, Tenn.-based company wrote on its Facebook page next to a photo of a serving of scrambled eggs and two sausage patties made by Impossible Foods, the vegan-sourced meat manufacturer.

The post continued: “Experience the out of this world flavor of Impossible Sausage Made From Plants next time you Build Your Own Breakfast.”

The plant-based offering apparently got stuck in the craw of the chain’s customers who thought that the company was betraying its traditional country-style brand.

“I just lost respect for a once great Tennessee company,” one Facebook user wrote.

“You just lost the customer base, congratulations on being woke and going broke…” wrote another commenter.

Another alienated customer wrote: “May be for some folks, but not me. I like old fashioned sausage with my breakfast.”

The jilted customer continued: “If some customers want this and willing to pay for it, then more power to them; but give me real sausage and bacon.”

One Facebook user vowed to never eat at Cracker Barrel again, writing: “Thanks Cracker Barrel now my family won’t be able to dine there because the troves of hippy stoner vegetarian lib cucks will now be invading my favorite chain restaurant and pushing their immoral commie lifestyle on me and my children.”

“I’ll be taking my hard earned money to Waffle House or wherever we can at least smoke inside,” the Facebook user wrote.

Others on Facebook denounced the critics as “snowflakes” who were “getting triggered by a meat alternative showing up on a menu.”

“Y’all can still order regular meat, you know that right?” wrote one commenter.

“Some of y’all need to grow a backbone immediately.”

The Post has reached out to Cracker Barrel seeking comment.

The menu offering ignited fierce debate on social media as customers thought the new vegan-based meat was a betrayal of the brand.
The menu offering ignited fierce debate on social media as customers thought the new vegan-based meat was a betrayal of the brand.
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The company responded to one commenter, writing: “The menu is always changing, but our love for our customers never will.”

Cracker Barrel is the latest restaurant chain to test a new plant-based meat alternative.

Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Denny’s, Bareburger, Del Taco, TGI Friday’s, Carl’s Jr, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Panda Express, and Pizza Hut are among the chains that have at one time offered plant-based meat alternatives on their menus.

McDonald’s last week concluded its US-based test of its McPlant burger, with no new plans to expand the pilot, according to CNBC. The news sent the share price of Beyond Meat plummeting by some 6% last week.

Despite the setback, the market for plant-based meat alternatives has exploded in recent years, growing to a multi-billion dollar industry due to increased consumer awareness of climate issues as well as abuse of animals in factory farms.

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