ST. LOUIS – Megan Green has picked up an endorsement from U.S. Congresswoman Cori Bush in the upcoming race for the Board of Aldermen president.

This endorsement comes after St. Louis Mayor Tishuara Jones also announced her endorsement for Green last month.

In a tweet Friday evening, Bush says Green is “a fierce leader & advocate who will help deliver for our community.” She adds, “The people of St. Louis deserve real change that we can feel & leadership that works together to place our needs above those of special & self-interests.

Green and Jack Coatar are the candidates for St. Louis Board of Aldermen president. Green and Coatar currently represent the 15th and seventh wards of the board. The two explained their visions for the role further during a candidate forum last month.

The board is seeking a replacement for Lewis Reed after he resigned amid a corruption scandal. Reed resigned from his role in June. He was one of three indicted on federal bribery and corruption charges linked to pay-to-play schemes while he served as board of aldermen president.

Ex-Aldermen Jeffrey Boyd and John Collins-Muhammad were also indicted in the scheme. All three have since pleaded guilty to federal charges.

Joe Vollmer is serving as board of aldermen president on an interim basis until voters elect a successor. Green and Coatar will run in a special election on Tuesday, Sept. 13 that will be the first to operate under Missouri’s new Voter ID law.

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