PACIFIC, Mo. – A small town is reeling from a double shooting that left two people dead Wednesday night, stunned by the sudden violence.

Just days after ringing in the new year, tragedy hits the small town of Pacific, Missouri.

“It’s supposed to be a fresh start for people, it’s tragic,” said Jeff Young, a Pacific resident.

Police responded to a double shooting around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at a home on Spring Valley Drive. When deputies arrived, they found a man and a woman suffering from gunshot wounds outside the residence.

The man was 39-year-old Ronald Cline Jr. He died at the scene. The woman was 34-year-old Leslie Barstow, she later passed away at a local hospital.

A close friend who wishes to remain anonymous, says the young mother of two’s life was taken too soon.

“It was a shock to hear that it was so sudden, and I couldn’t believe that it was true,” said a friend of Barstow. “Having her around would make you laugh, and you’d always be smiling when you’re around her because she was a ball of energy. She was always smiling, always laughing.”

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said they believe it’s a targeted crime with no ongoing threat. They said a witness heard a vehicle leave the area after the shooting.

The police are checking for tire tracks and surveillance videos. The motive and the suspect are still unknown.

“It’s awful,” said Patrick Singleton. “Rural areas aren’t exempt anymore, you used to hear about it in the city, but now it’s filtered out this way now in Franklin County.”

“It’s far and few in between, but once it does, it tends to rock the community,” Young said. “Even if it’s small, it tends to send shockwaves through the community.”

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office continues to work on its leads, but they ask if anyone has any information on these murders, to give them a call at 636-583-2560.


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