MEXICO, MO — Chief Susan Rockett and the members of the Mexico, Missouri Department of Public Safety thank the community for their efforts in helping support and stop the two fires that broke out over the holidays. 

On December 23, 2022, the Mexico, Missouri, Department of Public Safety responded to two fires in the community. One was at a residential fire on Breckenridge, where a person lost their life. That was followed by another substantial fire on Elmwood, in the Miller Warehouse.

Chief Rockett said in a Facebook post, “The weather was frigidly cold, and the wind cut through like a knife. It was the holiday season, when a lot of fire fighters and public safety officers were out of pocket. But the call came out nonetheless, and Mexico answered the alarm. I say Mexico because it was not just the Mexico City Public Safety Department that was called into service. We requested help in fighting the fires after two fires were reported in a short period of time, and after two engines were damaged due to freezing.”

Audrain County Emergency Management and the Red Cross were also there to help. So were the Little Dixie Fire Protection District and the Audrain Ambulance District. 

The Red Cross was called in and was on hand to assist the family that had been displaced by the fire. Toys for Tots contacted Rockett to ensure that no children missed out on Christmas.

The Missouri State Fire Marshals were called to help with the investigation of the Elmwood fire at the Miller Warehouse, and Mexico Public Works sent a backhoe to pull the building down for safety. 

“And who was sent but two Mexico Public Safety Alumni, Marshal Joe Jones and Marshal Brian Baker,” said Rockett. “They had to work in the cold without the heat of the fire to stave off the dangerous sub-zero temperatures.”

When the full extent of the damage to the engines was discovered, Sydenstricker Nobe sent a truck, driver, and lowboy trailer to Illinois to take the engines there for repairs. 

Several local businesses, like Pizza Hut, Ori Hibachi, Bucky’s Sit or Git, and McDonalds, gave food to the firefighters and public safety officers.

“Food kept coming after I lost count and days later,” Rockett explained. “I had to turn some offers away because we had so much at that time.”


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