CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – People gathered at the Chesterfield Amphitheatre on Saturday for the 10th annual Ed Nestor Memorial Backstoppalooza Concert.

The annual concert is part of a fundraiser concert to support Backstoppers, Inc., an organization that provides immediate financial aid to families of police officers and firefighters who die in the line of duty.

Backstoppers is actively helping more than 90 families, and funds from the concert go directly to helping them. 

“Help the families that have had to give so much after one of their loved ones has passed away helping everyone out,” said Jan Hoffman.

It was the 10th annual event, but the Backstoppers have been helping families of first responders killed in the line of duty for decades. 

“It’s incumbent on all of us to continue to do events like this to keep that commitment. It costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500,000 a year to maintain the commitment as it is right now,” said Lieutenant Chris Connelly.

The donations helped local families pay mortgages, taxes, insurance and much more after their loved one is killed. Lt. Connelly said unfortunately the need keeps growing. 

“As we know, police officers and other first responders are constantly being critically injured and killed in the line of duty so the need is great,” said Lt. Connelly.

“These are folks who put their lives on the line everyday for us. Firefighters, police officers, and when someone loses their life or gets injured in the line, this is an organization that steps up and helps the family,” said Charles Jellinek.

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