CASEY ILLINOIS — This small Illinois town is known for its oversized household objects. St. Louis has the Arch, and Casey has a giant rocking chair.

In the town of Casey, off I-70 nestled between St. Louis and Indianapolis, Indiana, there are unique sights for travelers. 

Visitors can stop by and see the worlds largest attracts: a Wind Chime, Pitchfork, and a mailbox. Other statues don’t hold the world record: an ear of corn, a pencil, and a birdcage.

According to the town’s website, Big Things Small Town, the creator of these attractions is Jim Bolin. Bolin is a local business owner and lived in Casey all his life. 

Bolin wanted to give back to his community with his construction crew, Bolin Enterprises, Inc. They came up with the idea to make oversized household items.

Visit the Big Things Small Town website or Casey Illinois to experience the statues. Most of the attractions are open 24/7. 

Worlds Largest attractions

Other Big Things

CBS News just visited the city and toured the area. 

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