Who’s the better baker? “Allie. I tend to burn anything I bake.”

Who’s more fun at parties? “Me. Any party Allie goes to, there’s some sort of drama and she tends to be involved.”

Who is luckier in love? “I am, because Allie’s love life tends to have some drama.”

Who’s a better sister? “I am. Allie is a little bit mean to Johnny.”

Who’s better with kids? “Allie. She’s a mother, so gets more [practice] than I currently get.”

Who’s more competitive? “Allie. I feel like I don’t care enough to be competitive. I don’t have the energy to be competitive, but Allie, especially with Johnny, loves a competition.”

Who is more scholarly? “Allie is because she graduated college.”

Who has the cooler job? “I have the cooler job. I get to do multiple fake jobs in one job.”

Who drives a cooler car? “I don’t know what Allie drives, but I’m going to say she drives the cooler car. I feel like she’d have a nicer car than my little Honda.”

Who is more athletic? “I think I work out more than Allie works out. I feel like I have more time than Allie.”

Who is funnier? “Allie has a nice dry sense of humor. I’ll give her that. She can be quite funny.”

Who is braver? “I’m going to give it to Allie. She’s been through a lot. I can’t even imagine going through what she’s gone through.”

Who has a worse temper? “Allie. I don’t get that angry. Allie can get very angry, very quick.”

Who is calmer in a crisis? “I am calmer in a crisis, but I have not faced half the crises that Allie has faced.”

Who is a better judge of character? “Allie. She has a good head on her shoulders when it comes to deciding who people are and if they should be in her life or not.”

Who is a better friend? “I’m giving that one to myself. I’m a really good friend. Allie tends to get a little tied up in her own life.”

Who is more trustworthy? “Me. Allie sometimes ends up telling someone in her family someone else’s secret.”

Who is more compassionate? “I am. I’ve noticed that Allie holds a grudge.”

Who is more romantic? “Allie. She’s always very nurturing and she cooks and bakes for all her partners.”

Who has the better business sense? “Allie. She owns her own business and it seems to be doing quite well.”

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