Who’s the better dresser? “Bridget. No-brainer. Minus the scrubs, of course.”

Who’s more fun at parties? “Lately, Bridget. Maybe you’ll see that side of her soon.”

Who is luckier in love?­ “Um … Seems like we are about even. Sigh.”

Who is more scholarly? “Well, Dr. Bridget has done heart surgery, so let’s go with that.”

Who has the cooler job? “We’re both moms and doing what we love, so I’d say we are even.”

Who drives a cooler car? “For sure, Bridget. She has the new Tesla.”

Who is more athletic? “Bridget. She plays a mean game of tennis.”

Who is funnier? Meeeeeeee!”

Who is braver? “Bridget. I could never have the courage to implant eggs in my own mother — and then admit that I got it wrong.”

Who has a worse temper? “Let’s just say I’ve never thrown a wine bottle toward my own mother [laughs].”

Who is calmer in a crisis? “Bridget. It’s the doctor in her.”

Who is a better judge of character? “I would say I am.”

Who is a better friend? “Both of us. We both love our friends deeply.”

Who is more trustworthy? “I am, although Bridget is keeping some good secrets lately.”

Who is more compassionate? “I’d say we both are pretty compassionate.”

Who is more romantic? “Bridget. There are old episodes on YouTube that prove that pretty fast.”

Who has the better business sense? “I’d go with both of us for that, too.”

Who’s the better cook? “Let me put it this way — neither one of us would ever own a restaurant.”

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