ST. LOUIS –  A couple’s car was stolen with their dogs inside Monday when they were having dinner outside on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. The couple was able to obtain one dog, but the other is still missing.

There is surveillance footage that shows the alleged thieves. The surveillance video from a building on Washington Avenue showed three people walking up the street and approaching the couple’s vehicle.

A bus pulls up in front of it and when the bus drives away, the car and the men were gone.

“For that split second, it’s almost disbelief and shock,” said the stolen dog’s co-owner, Freddy Zambrano-Chaljub.

Freddy and his husband, Marcos, ran after the car, but it was too late. The couple said they called the police and there’s been a search for their dog Disko.

“All of our belongings are in there, our medication, my husband’s been wearing his contacts for four days, and again, all of those things are replaceable, we’re just very interested in having our dog back with us,” said Marcos Chaljub-Zambrano.

The car was recovered four days later, but their one-year-old French bulldog Disko was nowhere to be found. Instead, they found a bunch of suspected stolen items in the car.

“Aside from articles from other people’s stuff, there were gloves which seem to be part of the crimes they did,” said Freddy, “It just makes you feel enraged that this one incident has led to other people being impacted as well.”

The couple said they believe their dog Disko was dumped because he’s older. They said they got a tip that the thieves have been trying to sell their dog around town.

“They found him abandoned on the side of the road, said Freddy. “One of the ladies that was with this person who kind of told us that there were two guys that came by and was trying to sell the dog.”

The couple increased their reward to $2,000 to hopefully get their dog back before someone else does.

If you have any information about Disko’s whereabouts. You’re asked to call his owners: at 917-804-8059 or 347-558-2316.

Police are also investigating the theft.

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