Are stories based in reality more watchable? Check out what Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey has to say about what’s happening across the daytime dial.

Give me logical drama over basement resurrections and rewritten history every time.

What’s more organic than a custody battle? B&B’s Thomas suddenly deciding he cares about Douglas caused ripples between Thomas and Hope, Ridge and Brooke, Eric and Donna, and most entertainingly, Ridge’s recent wives.

Brooke (to Taylor): “There’s no way I’m going to let Thomas pull Douglas out of his house away from Hope.”

Let? It’s nice to know that broken ankle didn’t dent Brooke’s sense of entitlement. Neither Brooke nor Taylor has any say in Douglas’s whereabouts, but don’t tell those Glammas that because the story works.

Taylor (to Thomas): “Douglas needs to be with you. Hope provided security when you weren’t able to.”

When he was killing people and wooing a mannequin. Add the ladies’ lifelong rivalry over Ridge and the painting is on the wall.

Brooke: “Are you busy?”

Taylor: “Why are you being nice?”

Brooke: “I know you kissed Ridge.”

Ridge seems genuinely amused by the revived Forrester vs. Logan rivalry and clearly enjoys it when Taylor hangs all over him at family parties that Brooke can’t attend. I guess finding out that his father (Eric) cheated on his wife (Quinn) with his sister-in-law (Donna) kicked his sense of humor into high gear.

Ridge (walking in on Carter and Quinn kissing): “Find someone’s backseat.”

We can’t call Sheila’s latest return from the dead “logical drama” but having her explain how she did it was refreshing.

Sheila: “When it comes to faking my own death I take it very seriously. I had to make it look like a bear really did maul me.”

Deacon: “You cut off your own toe.”

Say what you want about that nutbag, she’s committed. And now she’s got money! What havoc will a rich Sheila wreak?

Y&R is teasing a custody tale, too: Chelsea wants Johnny to know she’s his birth mom so Connor can have a brother. Billy and Victoria are resistant, so Chelsea’s working her old podcast partner.

Billy: “This relationship is unlike any other I have in my life.”

Considering that Chelsea drugged Billy in Myanmar (and claimed he raped her to conceive Johnny), I’d say so. It would be nice if they referenced that before they got all kumbaya and kissed. Why not add that layer to the round-robin of divorced parents Adam/Chelsea and Billy/Victoria?

Billy: “Remember bringing Johnny home?”

Victoria: “And celebrating Katie’s christening? We made it through. We’re almost friends.”

Jack and Diane are almost friends, too, but Y&R needs to remember they are not exes who birthed Kyle together. She stole what she thought was Victor’s sperm, impregnated herself, claimed Victor was the father, and then found out Nikki had swapped Victor’s little swimmers for Jack’s. That’s another valuable layer that should be mined for Nikki, Jack, Diane and especially Kyle.

Kyle: “You mean I’m only here because of a faulty lock on a sperm bank?”

Like that.

DAYS’s Brady and Kristen had an equally rocky road to parenthood when Victor ordered their daughter to be switched at birth and Kristen retaliated by stabbing him. But as nutty as Kristen is, her current goal is very universal: to reunite her family.

Brady (re: the locket Kristen gave Rachel): “That necklace is going to put ideas in her head.”

Kristen: “It’s just a picture of the three of us.”

Brady: “It will give her hope that the three of us will be a family again.”

Kristen: “Who says we won’t?”

And what self-respecting extrovert doesn’t want her husband to be governor? Abe’s goals are modest but Paulina wants John and Marlena to help steamroll him into the governor’s mansion.

John: “I think you need to give Abe space to decide for himself.”

Paulina: “I am. That’s why I want you two to convince him.”

Everyday wrinkles be-tween couples can be just as entertaining as the devil crashing your wedding, huh Paulina?

I love scenes where people think they’re just talking but one person is going “duh duh duh” in their head — like GH’s Portia when Curtis and his father were discussing Hat Daddy’s schizophrenia.

Marshall: “Have you thought about getting genetic counseling?”

Curtis: “The only reason I would get tested is if I would have children, because they could be affected.”

Portia: Gulp.

We know that Curtis is probably Trina’s bio dad, which means the threat of schizophrenia hanging over Trina is real. All these disease stories (Trina, Britt, Liz, Willow…) would feel like overkill if GH wasn’t a show set in a hospital, so it’s good that they’re also showing the comical Cassadines. Some might have trouble relating to European baddie Uncle Victor but I see him as the perfect foil for Ava.

Victor: “Your husband is a terrible liar.”

Ava: “Don’t I know it.”

Victor’s knowledge that Ava “killed” Esme gave him something to hold over her head but Ava fought back.

Ava: “I’d love to get on your good side, if only you had one.”

His cat-and-mouse games with Anna are also fun, which is a problem since she’s involved with his son.

Victor (re: how she looks too young to have a granddaughter in college): “What’s your secret?”

Anna: “Honest living. Good face cream.”

Who can’t relate to problem in-laws? Chase even got a taste of OG Ned when Brook Lynn made his concert wardrobe selection a family affair.

Olivia: “Those pants!”

Ned (proud): “Original Eddie Maines.”

There aren’t a lot of shows that would benefit from a debate on leather pants but GH made it logical and dramatic. As Lois might say, they nailed it.

Hey. It’s only my opinion.

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