Are stories based on lies good for soap business? Check out what Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey has to say about what’s happening across the daytime dial.

How many current storylines are based on a lie? Too many.

It’s hard to believe that our smart, feisty Gabi didn’t have Shin’s number two minutes after he hit the DAYS canvas. But not only did she fall for him romantically, she thought he had her back when she was ousted at DiMera.

Shin: “I am still on the inside, where I can keep fighting for you. For us.”

Gabi: “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

A lot better since he partnered with EJ to keep her out. EJ is betraying Shin by secretly promising to make Stefan co-CEO so it’s a round-robin of dishonesty, although I did enjoy Stefan and EJ toasting in front of Stefano’s portrait, knowing they are backstabbing everyone. The Phoenix would be proud. Not sure about the stockholders.

Stefan’s past has also been erased, which is getting in the way of his reunion with ole never-say-die Gabi.

Gabi: “I triggered a memory. Tell me the truth, you were thinking about us.”

Stefan: “I was thinking about how you had my heart ripped from my chest and gave it to Julie Williams. What a conniving snake you are.”

Gabi: “Whatever Rolf did to you? Our love is stronger.”

The liar there is Kristen, who forced Rolf to make Stefan forget Gabi and pursue Chloe so Kristen could “have” Brady and then threatened to withhold the magic orchid antidote needed to cure Marlena, Kayla and Kate if Brady didn’t return to her (got that?).

Brady: “If I reconcile with you, everybody is going to know that you used the orchid to blackmail me into doing it.”

Kristen: “If you want to save Marlena’s life, dump Chloe and get back together with me.”

Ah, true love.

Where did Kristen’s machinations lead? One leading man is brainwashed, two fun couples are apart, and a career criminal got away with attempted murder … again.

If you’re going to center a story on a lie, make it count. Nate’s temper tantrum on Y&R over not being “appreciated” at Chancellor-Winters led to him leaking the IPO to Victoria and an epic takedown by his fed-up cousin.

Nate: “Neil would want you to move forward and allow the company to be the best.”

Devon: “I don’t need to hear what you think my dad would want. What he cared about was his family and that’s the thing you betrayed.”

Nate’s falsehoods are nothing compared to Diane’s as she tries desperately to keep the secret that she’s tied to Tucker.

Diane (to Jack): “Until that man dropped into your backyard, I had not seen him since the night of my death. I hope my word is good enough for you.”

Jack is buying her line of bull and strenuously defending her to Ashley, which really dumbs him down. I mean, there’s Diane, sitting with Tucker in full view of everyone at Society, discussing how no one can know they’re in cahoots and Jack is just like, “Oh, hey.”

Tucker (to Diane): “We need to keep our cool, baby.”

And how does Kyle not smell a rat with his mother? He immediately forgave her for faking her death and staying away for a decade, then gave her a prime job at Jabot. The Abbotts are supposed to be smart but they keep letting these randos into their lives who upend everything (Theo, Tara, Diane, now Tucker) without learning anything.

Ashley: “Now you’re ambushing me at work?”

Tucker: “Can we start with hello?”

Ashley: “Stay the hell away from me.”

Cut to her agreeing to have dinner with him. No lie: Just once I’d like a soap heroine to stick to her guns.

Thomas’s lie that Brooke called CPS caused Ridge to leave her for Taylor (without even telling Brooke) and gave us one of the most preposterous office meetings I’ve ever seen on a soap.

Steffy: “Obviously my father isn’t here.”

Paris: “Traffic was pretty bad.”

Thomas: “He’s in Aspen with our mother.”

Steffy: “Our parents are back together. My dad ended it with Brooke and went back to his true love.”

Katie: “What?”

Let’s hear it for a family business! Present were Brooke’s first husband, Eric, her sisters, Katie and Donna, her current stepchildren, Thomas and Steffy, and poor Paris, who isn’t paid enough to put up with this nonsense.

Next order of business?

Eric: “There’s more news. Carter, do you want to tell them?”

Carter: “Quinn left me.”

He apologized to Paris for their quickie engagement when he was in love with Quinn and also for “hijacking” the meeting.

Okay, back to business!

Steffy: “Today is really about celebrating our parents’ reunion.” 

How on earth are these people running a company? I hope one of the many consequences of Thomas’s actions will be the failure of Forrester Creations. I say that like Thomas’s lie will come out. He killed Emma and skated so … shrug.

Which brings us to lies that make no sense, like Willow keeping her deadly disease from Michael (a.k.a. the most supportive partner on GH) and Nikolas thinking he could actually hide a pregnant Esme at Wyndemere while she screamed her head off.

However, being deceitful to catch a bad guy -— like Anna and Lucy’s caper to trap Victor — was well worth the effort. He was one step ahead of them, though, giving Lucy a diamond necklace with a recording device in it that busted them. Undaunted, Lucy ignored Anna’s warnings to abort the mission and got all dolled up to meet Victor.

Lucy (admiring herself in the mirror): “You still got it. Now let’s put it to work.”

No lies detected there!

Hey. It’s only my opinion.                            



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