WRIGHT CITY, Mo. — FOX 2’s You Paid For It team helped get results for a couple from Wright City. Nancy and John Krenski spend most of their time managing a stable of 25 horses. But they recently found themselves in a tussle with the State of Missouri over a used car.

They called FOX 2’s Elliott Davis after applying for a title back in April that still hadn’t arrived. They just couldn’t get any answers from the state about the problem.

The car was supposed to be a graduation present for the couple’s grandson. After waiting months, they finally called the You Paid For It team for help.

We reached the communications director for the Department of Revenue who promised to investigate. Days later, she texted back saying the trouble had been resolved and the title would be mailed out right away.

The couple is happy with the outcome.

“I’m very excited because I’d really like to give this car to my grandson,” Nancy Krenski told Elliott Davis. “I think because you got involved, sir. They said they didn’t want the media attention. If somebody else has a problem, you’re the guy to call.”

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