OVERLAND, Mo. – Police are investigating a series of car break-ins at the FedEx distribution center in Overland over the weekend. Dozens of cars were targeted while employees were on the clock.

“Friday night we got off work about 2:25 (a.m.), came outside, and everybody’s car was broken into,” FedEx employee Teaira Berry-Joiner said. “My front passenger window and my back passenger window were busted out and (they) stole my personal handgun out of my car.”

Berry-Joiner, a mother of two, works in the city at her primary job and at FedEx overnight as a secondary job. Black plastic now serves as makeshift windows on her vehicle.

“They said $700 to get both of them fixed. And getting one or the other fixed is $400 for the front; $390 for the back,” she said.

When asked who will pay for the repairs, Berry-Joiner said she’d have to. The FedEx distribution center has security on-site. Where were they?

“Asleep in the guard shed,” Berry-Joiner said, adding that another guard told her it’s not their job to watch the cars in the lots.

“We came out and asked security where they were at. They said they were here and they didn’t hear nothing, they didn’t see nothing,” she said. “But both lots on FedEx was hit, not just one car; it was over 50 cars, so how can you not hear nothing or see nothing?”

FOX 2 reached out to FedEx and the Overland Police Department for comment. FedEx issued the following statement late Sunday afternoon:

Security is a top priority at FedEx Ground and we are cooperating with law enforcement as they investigate this, and similar incidents that have been occurring in the vicinity. In addition, we are taking the appropriate steps to enhance certain security measures at our St. Louis facility.

FedEx spokesperson

“As an employee, I feel like that they should be obligated to get our cars fixed, because they expect us to come to work to help them make money as a company, so they should be able to help us with our transportation getting back and forth safely,” Berry-Joiner said.

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