ST. LOUIS – Dangerous cold continues Friday in the St. Louis area, and a windchill advisory remains in effect through noon Saturday.

The elements are tough for families to deal with, even more so for those dealing with the harsh reality of frozen or burst pipes.

One St. Ann apartment building in the 3700 block of Ashby had a burst pipe Friday morning due to the extreme cold.

“Everything from the second floor to the basement is wet, the pipes burst,” said St. Ann resident Dan Clinton.  “This is a big issue, the first time it happened it was the pipes right above the entryway, the entry door to where you come in. That is the sewer pipe to the toilets.”

Local plumbers are staying busy with calls for frozen pipes and burst pipes Friday afternoon.

“Calls have gone through the roof, and we’ve been extremely busy the last few days,” said Bill Arand with Roto-Rooter.  “[Some for] normal clogs, but also this time of year you’ve got a lot of sludge buildup and frozen pipes.” 

 Plumbers have a few tips to prevent burst pipes when temperatures are circling zero.

“Cover any exposed exterior walls,” said Arand.  “Anything you can do to keep the wind off of it is really going to make a big difference.  Drain lines, the same kind of thing. If you can, open up a cabinet door underneath your kitchen sink and a small trick of water to keep that drain running.”

“Treat your drains well and use your waste-basket whenever you possibly can,” says Mike Resetarits, a technician with Roto-Rooter. “Try to keep grease out of there. When using the restroom, no wipes, no feminine products. Just using the restroom as a restroom. And the more water you can run, the better off you’re going to be, especially the older pipes.”

Additionally, the severe weather alert, causing dangerously cold wind chills, can cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes. 


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