Johnny Wactor was born on August 31 in Charleston, SC.

The actor worked with Aaron Paul on WESTWORLD, telling Digest, “I am a true fan of his because of his role on BREAKING BAD, my favorite television show of all time. That was pretty amazing.”

Growing up, Wactor was an accomplished swimmer. “I never lost in 25-meter freestyle until I was 10 years old, when I lost at the championship.” Upon finding out that the swimmer who beat him trained year-round, Wactor began doing the same. “Butterfly became my favorite and probably my best event. I was good at everything but the backstroke!”

In college, Wactor double-majored in business and Spanish.

Wactor booked the first commercial he ever auditioned for, but didn’t end up filming it. “I got drunk the night before and didn’t make it to set on time so they replaced me,” he admits ruefully. “That was a rude awakening — but it was a good lesson.”

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