Summer Camp: Loved It, Loathed It Or Skipped It?

Matsuda: “Summer camp was the worst experience. I had the flu, and I was very active in sports, and I had to just watch out the window while all the other kids got to play.”

Noelle: “Loved it.”

Novlan: “Skipped it, but there was a lot of camping.”

Lake, Ocean Or Pool?

Matsuda: “A pool, on the shallow end.”

Noelle: “Ocean.”

Novlan: “I grew up on the lake. Lots of boat cruises and water-skiing.”

Sunscreen: Forgetful Or Fanatical?

Matsuda: “Neither. If I remember, I put it on and if I don’t, I don’t.”

Noelle: “Fanatical.”

Novlan: “Fanatical. I’ve got to keep on the 50, man.”

Favorite Summer Drink:

Matsuda: “Mugicha. It’s a barley tea. It’s most refreshing and it takes me back to my childhood in Japan. That’s my favorite.”

Noelle: “Mint lemonade.”

Novlan: “Margarita.”

Favorite Food To Toss On The Grill:

Matsuda: “A big ol’ portobello mushroom.”

Noelle: “Hot dogs.”

Novlan: “I’m really good with a steak.”

Favorite Fruit:

Matsuda: “Right now, it’s a banana. I eat it every day. It’s a superfood and I love it.”

Noelle: “Raspberries.”

Novlan: “There is nothing more summertime than watermelon.”

Favorite Frozen Treat:

Matsuda: “Chocolate-covered bananas are really good.”

Noelle: “White Cherry ICEE.”

Novlan: “Cookie dough ice cream.”

Favorite Summer Sport:

Matsuda: “Beach volleyball is great fun to watch.”

Noelle: “Mini-golf.”

Novlan: “There is nothing stronger than baseball, to play or to watch. ‘Let’s go to a Dodgers game!’ That’s summer.”

Favorite Beach Activity:

Matsuda: “Walking on the shoreline and picking up shells.”

Noelle: “Whale watching.”

Novlan: “Relaxing.”

Road Trip Role: Driver Or Passenger?

Matsuda: “Neither. No, thank you. No road trips. It’s too long in the car.”

Noelle: “Driver.”

Novlan: “I drive and [wife Kayla Ewell, ex-Caitlin, B&B] navigates. She runs the phone.”

4th Of July Fave: Picnic, Parade Or Fireworks?

Matsuda: “See fireworks.”

Noelle: “Boston Pops.”

Novlan: “Fireworks. Picnic, then fireworks. That’s Americana.”

Summer Wardrobe Staple:

Matsuda: “Tank top, shorts and flip-flops.”

Noelle: “Giant sunglasses.”

Novlan: “I’ve actually turned to Crocs, and you can put that in the magazine. It’s true.”

Dream Summer Vacation Destination:

Matsuda: “Probably somewhere in the beaches of Italy.”

Noelle: “Greece.”

Novlan: “I will be at home in the nursery this summer.”

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