Brooke woke up on New Year’s Day with a hangover and Deacon in her bed. He revealed they kissed. Unaware that Sheila had swapped her non-alcoholic champagne for the real thing, Brooke struggled to figure out why she’d abandoned her sobriety. Brooke confessed her drinking to Ridge; he was supportive…. Steffy and Thomas teamed up to reunite their parents…. Deacon professed his love for Brooke but she rejected him. When Ridge heard, he punched Deacon out, which angered Brooke and created another rift in their marriage. Ridge drew closer to Taylor. Deacon proposed to Brooke but she declined.


Thomas learned that Sheila was responsible for Brooke drinking on New Year’s Eve but kept mum for the sake of his parents’ reconciliation. Steffy discovered the truth and confronted Sheila. Cornered, Sheila pulled out a gun and fired. The bullet hit Finn, who’d been spying on the pair and rushed in to save his wife. Sheila then shot Steffy, staged a robbery and left them for dead. Deacon discovered the bodies and called for help. Finn died; Steffy survived and clung to life. Heartbroken that she’d killed her own son, Sheila attempted to jump off the hospital roof. Taylor stopped her. Steffy woke up believing she was still married to Liam and had no memory of Finn or Hayes. Once her memory returned, Steffy fingered Sheila for the shooting and Sheila was arrested.


Steffy was perplexed by Li’s refusal to hold a memorial for Finn, unaware that Li was secretly keeping Finn alive in a hideaway. When Sheila suspected Li was hiding something, she escaped from prison with the aid of her old pal, Mike Guthrie. Sheila tracked down Li and was elated to discover Finn was still alive. After a fight, Li fled with Sheila in hot pursuit. During the ensuing car chase, Li’s vehicle plunged into the ocean and she was presumed dead. As Sheila cared for Finn, his memory returned and he was horrified by everything that happened. Bill found a disheveled Li, who survived the crash, and nursed her back to health. After, they rescued Finn from Sheila. Unaware that Finn was alive, a grieving Steffy fled to Europe to deal with her depression. Taylor and Ridge followed, and learned from Bill that Finn was alive. Bill took Finn to see them. Finn and Steffy tearfully reunited in Monaco. An overjoyed Ridge and Taylor shared a kiss.


Thomas suggested to Hope that Douglas live with him at the Forrester manse. Hope reluctantly allowed it. Liam was bothered by Hope’s growing attachment to Thomas as they prepped for the Hope for The Future fashion preview and confided in Brooke. The show was a hit. After, Thomas attempted to kiss Hope, which she rebuffed, stating she loved her husband.


Brooke had a dream recalling her past loves, including Eric, Thorne, Nick, Bill and Ridge…. Taylor and Deacon bonded through therapy…. Donna returned to FC and gifted Eric with a new portrait — of him — to hang over the Forrester fireplace…. Genoa City’s Nikki and Lauren visited FC…. Taylor bought Wyatt’s beach house to share with Ridge…. Bill tried to reunite with Brooke, then Katie…. Logan patriarch Stephen and his girlfriend, Lucy, visited.


Sheila faked her death by bear mauling, leaving one of her toes behind to prove it. The Forresters were relieved. A drunk Deacon slept with a seductive redhead, who the next morning removed her mask and revealed herself as Sheila. She then cajoled Deacon into hiding her at his place. Deacon and Sheila slept together and established a bond. Once Finn and Steffy realized Sheila was still alive, she hit the road.


After Thomas and Brooke had a scratchy encounter chez Forrester, Child Protective Services paid a visit to Thomas. Ridge was crestfallen when he heard a recording of the call with the informant, Brooke. Turns out, it was actually Thomas who made the call using a voice-altering app. Ridge jetted to Aspen to profess his love to Taylor. The exes reunited and planned to marry. Ridge dumped Brooke, who was confused and heartbroken. Douglas discovered the truth about his father’s dirty deed and confided in Steffy on Ridge and Taylor’s wedding day. After Steffy learned the truth, she confronted Thomas and informed their mother. Taylor stayed quiet but at the ceremony, Steffy blurted the truth about Thomas’s deception. Ridge was furious and left town.


Paris’s mother, Grace, came to town, and determined that Zende was the man for her daughter. Paris left Zende in favor of Carter, however, which angered Grace. To get over Quinn, Carter proposed to Paris. Under the guise of playing pickleball at the club, Eric rekindled things with ex-wife Donna. Quinn gifted Eric a ring with a secret heart monitor, and after tracking his repeated palpitations, she and Bridget found him at the club in bed with Donna. Eric and Quinn split; he urged her to go to Carter. Quinn raced to stop his wedding to Paris. Carter left Paris to reunite with Quinn. Weeks later, she unexpectedly left town, leaving him heartbroken. He and Katie struck up a flirtation.


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