There was a lot of impressive things I saw from this football team. As a new fan of the University of South Carolina, I have learned William Brice Stadium is an atmosphere like none other. From the Sandstorm to a stellar recent/past history of many great NFL players, this program pushes the expectations of greatness in exciting fashion. 

Shane Beamer has fierce confidence in his players:

In his first year in 2021, Shane helped lift this team up from underwhelming expectations to an impressive bowl win against North Carolina in the Duke Mayo Bowl. In his second year, he faces a tall task to repeat that run, but in a greater extent. During his on the field interviews, he was poised, yet focused in the teams success. Not only that, his deep concern for the well being and safety of his players is hard to match; from the compassion he showed towards last year starter Luke Doty was something to admire. His excitement towards his players rallying around their veteran leaders is also something to keep an eye on.

The secondary will be a force to wreck with:

With the loss of Jaylen Foster as well as other upper class men, this secondary will have plenty of shoes to fill. Watching this game, walk on safety Joseph Byrnes corralled 2 interceptions in a surprising show up. Alongside Up and coming star, Junior Cam smith comes off last year with 3 picks and many more exciting plays that show he is ready for an excellent year and a top tier corner in the SEC.

Marshawn Lloyd will fill the shoes of Kevin Harris, if not more:

Coming back from an ACL injury, Lloyd looked like he was back with avengence with a touchdown and many more sharp plays where he broke tackles and avoided negative yard plays on a few missed block assignments. He’s accompanied by Juju McDowell and Christian Beal Smith. With this lethal core, it opens up a lot of plays for this offense.

Spencer Rattler had some Solid throws:

Rattler looked solid throwing 8-10 and 73 yards. However, there were some plays where he looked stressed in the pocket and waited too long to throw the ball. If he gets time, he will burn defenses as shown during his time as an Oklahoma Sooner. However, it is up to him to create those plays, read defenses, and call plays that he’s comfortable to execute.

Pass blocking needs work:

This is an understatement as Rattler had a good amount of hurried throws. However, I think it has improved from last year and the run blocking still prevailed as solid. This o line has potential to build on their experience fundamental play, but must correct mistakes made last year to light up the board.

This Defense looked quick:

The defense gave every QB a hard time during the game with hurried throws carrying even more momentum from the end of the season.Fans hope for a  better outcome than finishing 12th in the SEC in total sacks.

Doty is a solid backup option:

Throwing 7 for 9 coming off foot surgery is an impressive feat during this spring game. He will be a great insurance option for this team and an inspiring leader.

This team WILL suprise many:

With several key players injured last year, it was a miracle this team ended up with a winning record. I think this year will be the year to prove opposing team’s fans wrong as a young and healthy Gamecocks team is ready to invade the college football world. Watch out for the Cocks! 😈 


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